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Tattle Coffee Shop Near St Paul’s

Tattle Coffee House in Lost Property hotel near St Paul’s Cathedral, is where the tattled tales of the town are told and spoken whilst indulging in freshly ground coffee, fine teas and delicious food. Relax into our comfy furniture and cosy atmosphere and take the time to spoil yourself in one of the best Coffee Shops near St Paul’s, absorbing the stylish interior and curious artwork

Coffee St Pauls Tattle

Tattle is located a short walk from St Paul’s Cathedral and our coffee house is perfect place to unwind with friends, recharge on your own or catch up with colleagues, You will be served by our passionate baristas who are experts in crafting delicious hot drinks to satisfy all connoisseurs of coffee and tea. Our freshly baked foods are served throughout the day and are made using the freshest ingredients from our local suppliers and for those passing for a moment, take out options are also available.

At Tattle Coffee House, the ideal St Pauls Cafe, prepare to delight your taste buds with an array of delectable culinary creations. From sumptuous sandwiches to flavourful baguettes and fresh pastries, there’s something to satisfy every craving.


If you’re in the mood for healthier fare, our vibrant selection of salads and protein bars is set to exceed your expectations, ensuring a satisfying and nutritious dining experience.


Our New York Style Pastrami Bagel, with honey mustard and gherkins ensures that you get your healthy fix. For those looking for a fine taste, try our Truffle Chicken and mayo bagel with rocket.


Vegan options are also available, with our Vegan croissant sandwich filled with avocado, tomato and rocket being a hit among our vegan customers.


For those with a penchant for the sweeter side of life, our freshly made crepes are a must-try. Delicately prepared and adorned with an assortment of tasty toppings, they are the perfect complement to our freshly ground Monmouth coffee.


Every day, we offer freshly baked goods, promising a pleasant culinary journey with each visit to Tattle Coffee House. Experience a symphony of flavours and aromas that will leave you craving more, whatever time of the day that you decide to visit us.

Discover the Irresistible Delights of Tattle Coffee House at St Pauls

Tattle Coffee House is proud to use the finest coffee known to aficionados worldwide. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every cup, as we proudly present the renowned Monmouth Coffee in our exceptional caffeinated beverages for the best St Pauls Coffee Experience.

We bring you the freshest locally produced Monmouth Coffee, delivered to our doorstep daily. Whether you seek your St Pauls morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up, our diverse selection of classic and innovative coffee concoctions promises to delight your senses.

From single farms, estates, and cooperatives, Monmouth Coffee is meticulously sourced, ensuring that each sip embodies the dedication and passion of its origins. 

At Tattle Coffee House, the art of coffee extends beyond the cup, inviting you to be part of an extraordinary coffee experience in our fine St Pauls Coffee Shop.

Unveiling the Finest Coffee Experience for your St Pauls Caffeine Fix

At Tattle Coffee House, we elevate the art of beverages of St Pauls Coffee Culture, offering an array of premium hot and cold drinks for your sipping experience.


Step into a world of wellness with our Golden Turmeric Latte, a flavourful elixir that not only delights your taste buds but also invigorates you for the day ahead. Seeking something more refined? Indulge in the unique flavour fusion of our Vanilla Matcha Latte, a testament to the exclusivity at Tattle.


For those with a penchant for indulgence, our delights such as the Biscoff Latte or the refreshing Iced Rose Latte, tailored to each season’s unique essence.


Our impeccably crafted smoothies, including the luscious Blueberry Thrill and the invigorating Strawberry Split, stand as testaments to our commitment to offering not only delightful flavours but also essential nutritional benefits.


Embark on a global tea odyssey with our delightful selection of teas sourced from across the world, each offering a distinct taste and aroma to enjoy.

Our Premium Beverages at Tattle Coffee House

Beyond our delectable offerings, the ambiance at Tattle Coffee House serves as the perfect complement, enhancing your overall experience.


Whether it’s a casual rendezvous with friends or a productive meeting with colleagues, Tattle’s laid-back atmosphere sets the stage for seamless interactions. Our comfortable tables, convenient plug sockets, and high-speed WiFi further make Tattle Coffee House an ideal haven for a productive work-from-home day in the heart of London.


Located in the vibrant centre of London, Tattle Coffee House offers the perfect respite for a brief escape from work with a St Pauls coffee break. Venture out to explore the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral during your lunch break, adding a touch of adventure to your day while relishing the warm and welcoming embrace of Tattle’s ambiance.

Elevate Your Experience with Tattle's Inviting Ambiance

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