Lost Property - St Paul's, London

Lost Property - St Paul's London


Centrally located in the heart of London, Lost Property Hotel by St. Paul’s Cathedral invites you to lose yourself in the moment.

Indulge in the lost arts and activities of eccentric living with a plethora of curiosities around every corner.

With 145 rooms beautifully furnished with a modern twist, a restaurant, bar and coffee house, Lost Property is the ideal escapism inside and out offering travel seekers a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can find us just a short walk away from many of London’s famous landmarks, including the Tate Modern, London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Step away from the hustle of the Capital and escape with us to find a new and enticing place to get lost.

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28/3/2023 - 29/3/2023

Bookings for Lost Property are managed by Hilton.


At our new hotel in St. Pauls each guest room is influenced by eclectic artwork and contemporary design touches inspired by London’s rich and charming history.

Guests will be encouraged to enjoy luxurious escapism and to discover something new and exciting beyond the boundaries of daily life.

Take a moment to pause and allow yourself to be immersed in the stylish, luxurious and curious surroundings, all of which that are accompanied by excellent service and considered design.


Freshly foraged food found in local london markets and exotic libations concocted by inquisitive mixologists.

Where inhibitions may be lost but great stories are found among the fine seat leathers and marble topped bar.

We offer the finest dining and drinking in the Found Restaurant + Bar if you are living, working, or visiting the area near to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

& tipple

Where tattled tales of the town are told and spoken amongst the best freshly ground coffee in Lost Property’s, Coffee House, Tattle.

Sink into our seating and take a weight off with an aromatic coffee, or delicious fine tea, take some time to enjoy our art work and absorb the surroundings.

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