Discover the Timeless Elegance of an Art Deco Hotel in London’s Lost Property

Located next to the picturesque St. Paul’s Cathedral, Lost Property St. Paul’s provides the perfect art deco hotel experience nestled in the heart of London. From our handmade chandeliers to contemporary pieces that line the walls of our boutique hotel, take an artistic journey through time with Lost Property and its art deco-themed design throughout.

From the moment you step through the doors of Lost Property, a lost essence of art is rediscovered, fitting perfectly with our theme. Throughout our hotel, you can find Murano handmade chandeliers, adding a touch of elegance to each corner. These bespoke Venetian glass chandeliers feature a design that dates back to the Italian elegance of the early 1700s, underlining the artistic design that shapes our beautiful interior.


The Found Bar and Restaurant inside Lost Property Hotel is where the artistic essence is truly captured through multiple handmade exquisite pieces. Our bird chandelier, a unique feature of our art deco hotel, showcases handcrafted glass birds, each one adorned with distinct designs, colors, and patterns. These beautiful birds represent the magnificent birds of our planet that have now gone extinct, allowing our guests to capture this lost historical essence. With over 20 unique birds and designs, and information on each bird available on our wall, this artistic statement makes Lost Property a unique art deco hotel in London.


Sitting below this stunning chandelier is our handmade timber wood table, lined with resin. With its beautiful oval-shaped design, this custom-built table piece can seat up to 10 guests, who can dine in the artsy vibe of Found Bar and Restaurant, where each corner and piece tells a unique story that fits into our overall atmosphere.

Our Interior Pieces:

Besides our big statement pieces, our hotel walls are adorned with collections of fine art with various contemporary influences. Each corner of our building, from our corridors to our reception, restaurant, and Tattle Cafe, is lined with beautiful designs, giving our guests a unique and stylish atmosphere in the heart of the St. Paul’s area.


Here are some of the standout pieces that adorn our walls.

Contemporary Art Canvases:

Beyond our interior design, Lost Property finds itself in a stunning area of central London, which can be appreciated from the moment you set eyes on our hotel. Located next to the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral, our hotel boasts a beautiful Grade II listed exterior, enhancing the beautiful atmosphere even further. The historic architecture of our building is showcased beautifully in our images, offering guests a blend of classic London charm with modern art deco elegance.

Our Exterior:

Explore Our Art Deco Hotel in Central London:


To explore our unique art deco hotel in the heart of London, book your stay at Lost Property or visit our Found Bar and Restaurant to experience the unique atmosphere. Indulge in the timeless elegance and artistic essence that define our boutique hotel, and create unforgettable memories in one of London’s most iconic areas.


Ready to immerse yourself in the art deco charm of Lost Property? Book a table at Found Bar and Restaurant or reserve a room at Lost Property Hotel today. Experience the perfect blend of history, art, and modern style in the heart of London.

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